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Voice of an Angel

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:10 am

Wasn't sure where to post self-written stories. Posting it here anyway.
Astilabor told me to create, so I did. It sucks, and it's sad because I am. You'll get over it.

Felix, a 16-year-old black feline, was wandering through the local mall with his friends, Brad and James (A brown canine and a Ginger feline, respectively). They'd just come out of a movie, and sat at the food court when he saw her; a beautiful, immaculate feline girl. She was slightly shorter than him, perhaps a year younger. She was gorgeous. Her emerald-green fur shimmered in the light. Felix's jaw dropped when he saw her.
"Heya, Felix," Brad called, waving his paw in front of the stunned feline's face.
"You there?"
"Who is that girl?" was all he could manage.
"Dude, that's Melody Crescendo. She's in grade 8, but she's doing a whole bunch of our subjects. I'm surprised you've never seen her before."
"I'm too dumb..." He sighed.
"Nah, that's not it. She's just a bitch."
"But she's beautiful..."
"That's sorta how it works," James cackled. He and Brad high-fived each other, then bought food. Felix simply sat staring at her, sipping at his soda.

The next day at school, Felix saw her in the hall. She dissappeared just as quickly. He cursed and resolved to see her later. He dashed down the hallway to his class, then, surprisingly, bumped into her.
"Sorry!" He gasped, stepping back.
"Whatever..." She pouted, walking past him, her tail dragging across his thigh as her friends, a blue dragoness and a dark brown canine, followed her and snickered at Felix, who now wore a dark red blush.

Later that afternoon, Felix went back to the mall. He worked with fervor to try and win her. He browsed colognes and clothing, tried sunglasses and shirts, until he thought he'd found something that'd make him irresistable. Brad and James just looked confused.
"Dude, this girl's getting to him," James whispered.
"I know," Brad replied, "I just hope it doesn't get worse."

It did. The next morning at school assembly, he had arranged to sing in front of the whole school; he knew she sat at the front row of the auditorium because that's where the smart people sat.
He walked onto the stage, beaming, getting a few giggles from the audience. He sang his piece, 'You to me are everything' by The Real Thing, with pitch-perfect notes. When he finished, he approached Melody, and held the mike to her lips.
"Will you go out with me?" He asked, looking hopefully into her pretty blue eyes.
The audience held their breaths. Melody blushed, and her friends looked at her.
"I'd sooner die." She laughed, and the remainder of the children joined in.

Felix was not to be found for the remainder of the day. He fled to the park, tears streaming from his eyes. He wanted to vanish, and if his plan succeeded, soon he would.

"Felix!" His mother called the next morning, trying to wake him up for school.
"FELIX!" She barked, then headed upstairs to his room. Affixed to his door was a note.
"To whom it may concern,
My heart was broken irreperably yesterday. With no love, I have no reason to live.
His mother passed out, and his father entered the room to find his son dead, an empty bottle of painkillers at the foot of his bed.

Felix's funeral was bleak; only 6 people attended; Felix's friends, Brad and James, his mother, father and sister, and Melody. Before Felix's grave was filled, Melody dropped in a note that was for no-ones eyes but the deceased's. It read;
"I loved you. I was too timid to speak up for fear of embarrassment among my friends. That was wrong, and I'm sorry. I'll see you soon. Melody Crescendo.
PS: You have the voice of an angel."


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