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Post  Akumamika on Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:12 am

General rules
1/ No discrimination of any kind to any one on the forum, anyone found violating this rule will get a permenant ban from the forum and chat box.

2/ No pornography or images of an extream sexual nature.

3/ No horrable pictures or videos, such as snuff or animal cruelty.

4/ Communication is imporant, if you have a problem talk to an administrator or someone who can help or if you simply need to change something.

5/ Keep swearing to a minimum, im not dis-allowing it completely there are times when it is appropriete but overusing it is just a lack of maturity and intelligence.


1/ For expirienced role players - it is probably wise to let newcomers get used to role playing first and help them improve their quality of writing. If they still continue to write poorly report to an admin and let them know they need to change a bit.

2/ For newcomers there are certain standerds of role play and when you choose to rp with someone find out what they expect first, if your not comfortable with the amount required then try somewhere else.

3/ One liners are the pet peeve of most role players and it is advised you do not constantly use them, understandable sometimes you get writers block etc but put some thought into your posts.

4/ Godmodding, is a deffinate no no, no character is immortal, nor can they dodge/block every attack (should the rp require fighting) For rp's to be enjoyable and fun play fair discuss with your rp partner how a battle should end to make the story flow better so you dont over do it.
4.2/ Character controll, unless you have permission from the other person you cannot contoll one person's character, you cannot make them do anything, but things like physically holding a character to make a small move e.g "grabs his chin and forces him to look at it." would be perfectly acceptable.

5/ Romance is encouraged but overly sexual scenes are not. Sex is fun but not all the time, one shots fair enough if it is a love rp. But there must be some story behind the romanc, not just a text pornography.

6/ For group rp's it is advised you make an out of character thread so people can discuss ideas and post their characters in the character section.


1/ Artwork sumbitted must either be your own or have a lable crediting the artist/author. Art is also to be censored if lude or clean is possable.

2/ Videos and music must be clean but as funny as you like.

3/ Try and keep all your pictured in one thread same for videos and music.

4/ Jokes can be about anything at all, but no dead baby jokes or child abuse it is not cool.


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