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Post  Akumamika on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:54 am

High Fantasy:

Elven Warrior (m) X Elven Warrior (f)

Orc war veteran (m) X Elven warrior/Archer (f)

Troll ( wow style /m) X (F) Human/elf/Dranai

Dark elf ( m/f) X Elf (f)

Ancient monster X Human (f)

Horror Fantasy

Werewolf (m) X Human (f)
( human, man-wolf type wolf or feral wolf)

Demon (m/f) X Human (f)

Bad Demon X Good/Neutral Demon (f)

Incubus/Succubus X Human (f)

Ghost/spirit X Human (f)

Steam punk (I'm relatively new to this so may need some guidance.)

Sky pirate (m/f) X Engineer (m/f)

Soldier m/f X Miner ( m/f)

Wealthy land owner/Business tycoon (m/f) X street rat ( f)

Game Universes
Minecraft: Undermine (m) X player (f)

Pokemon: legendary Pokemon (m/f) X Trainer (f)
( e.g. Darkrai, Zorua/Zoroark, Mewtwo, Lucario (I know not legendary)

Pokemon: A Pokemon (m) X Trainer (f)

Pokemon: Trainer (m/f) X Pokemon (m/f)

Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade wielder (m) X Keyblade wielder (f)

Other worlds (not my own)

Avatar : The Legend of Korra: Tahno X Earthbender (f) also wolfbat fan
Tahno X Earthbender/Korra (f) Opposing team
Tarlock X Earthbender/Korra (f) ( if he didn't die/before he dies)
Amon/Noatok X Earthbender/Korra (f) ('''''''')

Rp's marked in red are ones I'm craving the most

Female on Female plot lines (Can be female male if discussed)

Fantasy genre
I'm a huge fan of fantasy so this may be the longest list.
Characters I would play::::Characters I'd like my partner to play

World of warcraft pairings.
Night Elf :: Blood Elf
Human :: Worgan
Human :: Night Elf
Human :: Blood Elf

Angel :: Demon
Angel :: Angel
Human :: Vampire

Futuristic Genre

Young girl :: Apocalypse survivor
Girl :: Captain of a space ship ( Military or rouge)
Girl unfrozen from a cryo tube :: Alien female ( Can vary on description)

Kung fu panda, next generation of warriors.
The furious five and the dragon warrior are now grand masters and ready to pass on their roles to the next generation of warriors. ( group rp or one on one) Perhaps romance would blossom between a member of the five and a student or even between students? I have a couple ideas for characters I want to play. Meng lung Tai lung's daughter, (would make for an interesting twist) So Shi the panther, master of stealth. (female)

I am also kinda craving a Harry potter universe RP I've had something of a crush on the potions master Professor Snape for a while, I do like the pairing HermioneXSnape but would be willing to make an OC for the rp. Story ideas can be discussed.
(Update) I'm still craving this rather badly and would consider most Harry potter based Rp's if requested, Would love to get started on a few of these above all other rp's.

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