Several rp plos modern and fantasy.

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Several rp plos modern and fantasy. Empty Several rp plos modern and fantasy.

Post  Akumamika on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:30 pm

Lilo and stitch, Stitch has lived with Lilo for years now and has watched her grow up as he has done, his own alien growth making him a few inches taller then her with a slightly more human appearence,aside from the ears and cute little feet that is. He see's her relationship wih Kioni fall apart and although he felt jelous about it he never said anything because he wasnt sure how she felt about him. When she comes home in tears he decided's it is now or never and he comforts her, ending in a kiss and maybe leading a bit further. I'd like to play stitch but I can play lilo if you prefer.

This comes from actual game expirience where my night elf character was being stalked by taurens and constantlyu being licked by them. Dont ask me why I dont know but the idea o a big stron tauren os not offencive at all to me but being in character at the time I was a bit freeked out. Turns out it was the same tauren heh who knew. I got lost once near a dingeon and I just got pounced I wont bore you with details because tha would spoil the rp. Anyway, my character would be a night elf something or other I am undecided, I am new to the quests and the travel but I make up my lack of expirience with feistyness and determination. This Tauren character pops u randomly and just licks me, I dont know why mayby I got pranked by my fellow night elves with tauren pheramones for perfume, anyway this Tauren keeps following me and eventually I fight him but clearly i can be overpowered (Even after some kick ass attacks) Turns out he only saved me from say a blood elf who is rutheless and he explains why he was following yadda yadda I could actually play the tauren if you preffer but I dont mind. anyway i would like this to be a long ish story but i can see from what I said it is probably gonna be a one shot till I can figure out a petter plot to this.

Battle of the bands.

A guy and a girl who used to be friends now are heated rivals, both lead singers of two bands and when they face off head to head on a national scale they find they are spending a hell of alot of time together in the spotlight, putting on friendly faces but the second they get backstage frustration and anger take over. The arguement leads to a fight and the fight leads to hormones building up which thus leads to angry sex. Hehe I like this idea alot :3

a young woman starts recieving random letters from an unknown person, some are just simple greetings, (normally birthday cards christmas cards etc) then as a time goes on they become more personal and romantic, she tries to ignore them but more keep coming, they are not sinister and the guy is not stalking her. (Well not physicly anyway, he's more like a psycic gaurdian who looked after her through a harsh break up/loss or something like that) One of the letters told her how to contact him through meditation, so she tries it one night to see if anything happens when she finds herself on her bakc suddenly with a hellufa hunky guy leaning over her smiling gently. I shouldn't give away too myuch otherwise its not really a role play is it. Anyway any takers?

Pokemon based rp here. A girl is captured and experimented on by team galactic (or rocket or aqua/magma depends which region it will be in) and tranformed into a pokemon (either eevee or one of it's evolutions or even absol.) She runs away freeing some other experiments and runs into a city or small town almost getting beaten up by a pack of mightyana or houndoom something like that. She is saved by a trainer's pokemonand the trainer either takes her as his pokemon after healing her in the poke centre or she starts following him around, getting love struck by both the trainer and his pokemon, but she can't tell the trainer because she simply can't speak and she can't tell his pokemon she used to be human he wouldn't understand and probably feel awkward. Would make an interesting rp I think

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