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Post  Guest on Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:37 pm

Okay, so I had an idea for an RP. Not sure if anyone would be interested, but we'll see.
A government science initiative is experimenting with blood, trying to modify it's properties. This goes wrong when a few of the experiments that are being transported are dropped from a plane and left in the jungle. The experiments awake and discover that their blood is different, strange. This gives them superpowers that literally course through their veins.
I wasn't sure if this would be furry or not. I suppose it would be by popular demand, but I'd like to play myself as a human, as I'd be the most nervous character I have. Then I was going to have the experiments fight off some government agents and such. I was also going to have the story revolve around my character's constant,debilitating loneliness, and how because f the powers he considers himself an abomination that no-one could love (That's actually exactly how I feel, only without the superpowers. But anyway).
For example, I was going to have my character with Fireblood. Their veins and arteries all glow red, and when activated flames spew forth from these veins, which looks a little like a web of fire all over him. He can then shoot fireballs/flamethrowers, fly with a fire jet, and do more mundane things like starting a fire.
Since blood is proficient in the sexual organs, I thought maybe the powers could be used to make the sex a little more unusual. For instance, my character might have an extra-hot maleness, because of the fire in his blood. Or his cum might be spicy, or red, or he might be able to make a gentle, non-painful fire between them as they mate to tickle the both of them with hot, fire tongues. Just as an example or two.
So anyone interested at all?


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