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LOTR RP-- Character sheets Empty LOTR RP-- Character sheets

Post  Mordos on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:54 am

Okay, this is for the LOTR RP for myself, Aku, and Rath that we made on Xat. I've got my character's bio ready, so I'll go first.

Name: Amdir Lithur
Race: Half-elven
Age: c. 3500 (presumed)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
Skills: Balanced ability between archery and swordsmanship. Possess Nenya, the Ring of Water, and therefore has limited control over water.


Amdir Lithur (translated to "Ashfire" by Men) was born to an Elf mother and Man father at the beginning of the Third Age in Lothlorien. He lived in relative peace during this period, traveling around Middle-Earth and meeting people. When the War of the Ring broke out near the end of the Third Age in 3018 TA, Amdir worked alongside the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth in combating the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron. He fought valiantly at the Battle of the Hornburg (also known as "The Battle of Helm's Deep") in 3019 TA, displaying impressive archery and sword combat skills against the advancing army of Uruk-Hai.

After this, Amdir traveled to Mirkwood, which was under attack from the nearby, orc-held fortress of Dol Guldur. In "The Battle Under the Trees", as it came to be known, Amdir helped Elven King Thranduil and his forces route the invaders, drive them back to Dol Guldur, and even take over the fortress, where Lady Galadriel of the Elves purified the former Elven capital, restoring Mirkwood to it's former status as "The Kingdom of Greenleaves".

The War of the One Ring ended a few days after this with Sauron's defeat, thus ushering in the Fourth Age.

One day in a few centuries into the Fourth Age, while wandering the area north of Dol Guldur's borders, he was greeted by Lady Galadriel, the Elven Queen who had departed for the Undying Lands at the end of the Third Age. Galadriel gave Amdir her Ring of Power, Nenya, saying that it was time for a new Ringbearer for it and that Amdir was worthy. What she did NOT say, however, was exactly why he was being given such a huge responsibility-- or, in fact, why she was even giving Nenya away in the first place, as it was assumed that she would never give it to anyone.

Some time shortly after receiving Nenya, Amdir traveled to an inn and met Ramerox, a Maia who had come to possess the second Elven Ring of Power, Narya, through unknown means. At the same time, he also met a she-elf named Seren, who possessed Vilya, the third and strongest of the three Elven rings. Seren was suffering from amnesia, and could not recall how she had gotten the ring, which had last been worn by the Elrond, Lord of Rivendell.

After meeting, the three were attacked by four heavily armed orcs. Amdie quickly disposed of two with use of his lhang, and traveled with the other two Ringbearers for an unknown destination.

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LOTR RP-- Character sheets Empty Re: LOTR RP-- Character sheets

Post  Maeror Daemn on Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:34 am

Name: Ramerox Delvandar Kistuvel

Race: Maiar

Age: Unknown. At least 3000 years old.

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Crimson

Skills: Wields various magics in combat, primarily shadow and light magics as well as necromancy. He is one of the wielders of the Three Rings, Narya, a ring of gold with a crimson stone, once held by Gandalf. By unknown means, this ring had been left at Gandalf's memorial site in the Hobbit's Shire which he had found in his travels, the ring calling to him.

BIO: Ramerox was originally a Maiar, one of the lesser divine beings of Middle Earth that protected the land and traversed it until he grew complacent and began to associate himself with humanity. Deciding that he preferred the company of them over his divine brethren, Ramerox assumed the form of a Nazgul and traversed the land.

In his travels he learned many things and have laid witness to many of the battles of the land, but never directly interfering with them. His brethren had begun to despise him for associating with the mortals more then he did his own kind and so he was left to fend for himself.

Though many of the fallen Maiar were slain, he has existed because he never threatened Middle Earth openly, merely traveling all around it to gain forbidden knowledge and learn the different cultures.

Up until recently, he has been alone, but when he found the Narya, the Great Ring of Fire, he was lead to Amdir and Seren, the other two who posed the other Three Rings. In his attempt to cure Seren's amnesia, to learn who gave her the Vilya, the Great Ring of Air, they were attacked by Orc henchmen.

After the confrontation, it was decided to keep on the move to keep the Three Rings safe and to travel somewhere where they could learn what to do with these Rings and to find out what destiny had in store for them.

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LOTR RP-- Character sheets Empty Re: LOTR RP-- Character sheets

Post  Akumamika on Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:26 pm

Name: Seren
Race: Elvish
Age: Over 2000
Appearence: Long bright blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, fair skin as typical of elvish fol. Usually wears earthy colours and clothes that leave room for fast movemet, and a chest plate of mythril.
Skills: She is a hunter so tracking is one of her skills as well as deadly accuracy with a bow and arrow, she also is highly trained with concealed daggers, normally kept in her boots or on her belt. She is good at horseback riding and can identify healing and edable plants and berries.
Bio: Born in Lothlorien and raised as a huntress by a group of elves living just outside of the main elven city. She wandered for a few years on her own and wittnessed the battle of helm's deep from afar in the third age, having never seen anything like it before, (she had never been to battle since her role was primaraly a hunter) Seren fled after the battle was over, having seen several uruk hai fleeiing. She fought them herself and surprisingly won. However she didn't count on there being another that had come up behind them and captureed her.

The surviving Elves from helms deep luckaly were heading back and took her with them, making their way to rivendale. There she recoveredand meta male elf who seemed to be quite a bit different from the others, darker in a way. Still being quite young and nieve she trusted him and followed him wherever he went.

One night he had asked her to wait for him at the foot of the misty mountains, so she waited and waited, when he turned up he handed her a ring and told her to keep it safe and never tell anyone about it. She had no idea what it was at the time, and still doesnt know much.

In just a few short hours after that meeting Seren discovered that the elf she had spent so much time with had betrayed Elrond's trust and had made an exact copy of the sword Isildur used in the second age to defeat lord Sauron. She immedietly went after him, tracking him down which lead her to the underbelly of Isengaurd. She confronted the elf who just smiled and charmed her into lowering her weapons, at least long enough to attack her himself. They fought for two days non stop when they were both starting to get fatigued he used a spell to send her somewhere far away, landing her in wanderer's village, on an Island just off the east coast of middle earth.

She spent quite alot of time there having no memory of being anywhere else, they were lost during the powerful charged spel from the elf tht gave her the ring Vilya, the elven ring of air. She met Mair and Amdir and learned of their rings aswell as her own. However it was not a happy meeting for long. When Mair tried to unlock her memories it became incredably painful to remember the betrayer elf and he became just a shadow of a memory.
Shortly after that the inn in which they were staying was attacked by orcs, she got one down as the others took down the rest, they then left to go to a place where they could keep the rings safe from evil hands.

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LOTR RP-- Character sheets Empty Re: LOTR RP-- Character sheets

Post  Maeror Daemn on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:18 pm

As you all can see, there is already a nice profile skeleton assembled for you.

If you would like to join our LoTR RP, simply message one of us with the skeleton of your profile assembled for your character and we'll give it a look. As we are the main creators of this RP, you'll all understand if we take the game seriously and implement a few rules.

No GMing, commonly referred to as God-modding, this is the process where characters take on events, abilities or powers that are far beyond their original scope of the game and make themselves either invincible or God-Like. This is not allowed.

Though my own character is a Maiar, I can still, technically, die. We have access to the Rings to make this a unique RP, but be sure to inform one of us if you wish to use some other item from LoTR that has similar or divine properties that gives your character an edge and we'll look it over.

No OGK Also known as Outside Game Knowledge, this refers to the use of information of what is going on in the game that the characters inside the game may not necessarily know about.

For instance, my profile says that my character is a Maiar, but the characters that my character has teamed up with do not know that yet and won't know that until a plot demands the knowledge or my character freely tells them.
OGK is one of the many forms of GMs. For a complete list of GMs, contact one of us and we'll be happy to provide it.

No Slander! We are trying to have a nice, civil role-play. If you cannot stop from being vulgar in-game or outside of game (OOG) such as cursing, name calling, threatening, displaying vulgar images or describing vulgar situations, please take it somewhere else.

Some of us don't have a lot of free-time these days and many who come here would like to have a nice time role-playing without having to worry about being cursed at or being offended. Don't be a jerk. Be nice or GO AWAY.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and enjoy ^^

Hair color:
Eye color:

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LOTR RP-- Character sheets Empty Re: LOTR RP-- Character sheets

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